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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware works diligently to ensure the safety of all our members, equipping them with the skills and programs needed to prepare them for what lies ahead. Our SWIM4Life program, set to be implemented once again this summer, will teach Club kids the basic techniques used to swim in order to reduce the number of Delaware youth that are unable to do so. Children who are unable to stay afloat and make their way to safety in the water are at an increased risk of drowning. With five of our own pool locations, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware is in a great position to teach these lifesaving skills. The goal at the end of the program is to ensure that each child is able to: swim the length of the 25-yard pool without touching the bottom, sides or lane lines, float on their backs for 30 seconds and tread water for 30 seconds. More than 1,300 Summer Fun Club members are scheduled to participate in the SWIM4Life program this summer, allowing the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware to significantly reduce the number of youth in the state who are unable to swim. The SWIM4Life program is made possible through a gift from the Estate of Dorothy & Samuel Foster.


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