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Meet Club Kid Malaina K.

For the past year, Malaina has been attending the Boys & Girls Club at Lake Forest North Elementary. When she arrives after school, she immediately begins on her homework during Power Hour so that she is free to enjoy the rest of her time at the Club. As one of the oldest students in the program, Malaina enjoys helping the younger Club kids with their work, and serving as a sort of mentor they can look up to. “I really like working with the kids, and all of the kids here are really nice” she says.

When asked what programs at the Club she thinks have the largest impact, Malaina mentions SMART Girls, a small-group health, fitness, prevention/education and self-esteem enhancement program designed to meet the developmental needs of girls. In addition to the programming at the Club, Malaina speaks of the importance of the routine they have each day. “There’s a lot of routine here which really helps” she says. Part of that routine is a monthly focus topic. During the month of February, Club kids learned about a variety of important figures for Black History Month. “We learned about the person who made the first Chip” recalls Malaina.

Site Director Amani Hampton is quick to sing Malaina’s praise. "Malaina is the epitome of what we want to see in a Boys & Girls Club member. Malaina is active in club programs, takes on responsibilities like a champ, and is a great role model for our younger members."

Although Malaina has only been attending the Club for a short time, she is no stranger to the program. “A lot of my friends have been coming here since they were really little” she states. The relationships that she has formed with both staff and other students is one of the main reasons why Malaina enjoys the Club so much.

The mentors and programs offered at our over 40 locations in Delaware work to help our youth realize their full potential. Malaina is another great example of how extraordinary our youth can be, and we are very thankful to have her as part of our Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware family!


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