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Meet Club Kid Kaisyn

Meet Kaisyn H., a Club kid from our school site at Joseph E. Johnson Elementary. Kaisyn is nine years old and currently in the 2nd grade. Her favorite subject in school is math because she says working with numbers comes easy to her. With a heart full of compassion for animals, she dreams of one day becoming a veterinarian. Boys & Girls Club staff member Ms. Monet shared, “Kaisyn is a model member of the Boys & Girls Club. She always comes in every morning with a smile, ready to use her imagination. Whenever there are tasks to be done, Kaisyn is always willing to step up and help. I can tell that great things lie ahead for her."

When asked why Kaisyn likes attending the Boys & Girls Club, she shares, “because I can play with my friends and go to the gym.” The Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware incorporates a variety of sports and recreation activities that engage members. Kaisyn noted her favorite game to play at the Club is soccer because it’s the most fun. In addition to physical activity, the Club provides opportunities for members to participate in various art projects and receive homework assistance.

Among the many hardworking staff at the Club, one of Kaisyn’s favorite people is Club Director, Stephany Nistad. Stephany works hard to ensure all Club kids feel welcome and truly enjoy coming to the Club. Her efforts make a significant difference in the lives of Club kids like Kaisyn, leaving a positive and lasting impact. By providing a safe and inclusive environment, the Club fosters meaningful connections between members, staff, and volunteers. These relationships serve as a source of guidance and support, helping youth navigate challenges and make responsible choices.

Kaisyn’s mom, Melissa Wharton, appreciates the convenience of the Boys & Girls Club because the program hours align seamlessly with her work schedule. She says she chose the Boys & Girls Club for Kaisyn due to the Club’s good reputation and the diverse range of activities available to the members. Through these activities, the Boys & Girls Club of Delaware provides opportunities for learning, growth, and development. Involvement in the Club equips members with the tools and resources they need to create bright and promising futures for themselves.

The mentors and programs offered at our more than 40 locations in Delaware work to help our youth realize their full potential. Kaisyn is another great example of how extraordinary our youth can be, and we are very thankful to have her as part of our Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware family!


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