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Meet Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Alumnus, Rick Deadwyler

Growing up, Rick Deadwyler would arrive at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club after walking and dribbling from the Northside of Wilmington smiling. Now, as the Director of Government & Industry Affairs at Corteva Agriscience, he looks back fondly on this time.  

On a recent visit to the Brown Club, Rick shared his memories of walking in with a backpack over his shoulder and a basketball under his arm, excited to get on the court with his friends.  Before hitting the court, Rick recalls, he was required to finish his homework. This healthy habit is one of many Rick formed while at the Brown Club. 


Adopting this “work first then play” concept enabled Rick to excel both on and off the basketball court.  


 Looking back on his athletic, academic, and professional careers, Rick credits much of his achievements to his time at Brown. “I’m a Brown Boys Club product. A huge part of my success is because I applied the things that I learned at the Club.” 


Before Rick recognized the Brown Club as a place to learn lifelong lessons, he saw it as a safe place. “The Club was my first experience of a brick-and-mortar place that created a safe haven where whatever was happening in the neighborhood, whatever I saw on the news, whatever sirens were going by, it didn’t matter. I was good when I was here at Brown.”   


Now, as a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Corporate Board, Rick’s memories fuel his dedication to the Club’s mission. “I stay engaged with the Clubs because of my personal connection to the Club and because I want to give back. The kids that are here now need and deserve this place more than ever.”   


If you, like Mr. Deadwyler are an alum who wants to stay engaged with the Clubs, join the alumni community at

"When I see the kids here, I directly connect back to my experience, and how the Club contributed to my success, and I want these kids to reach their full potential as well!" ~ Rick Deadwyler, H. Fletcher Brown Club Alumnus


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