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Ardavia has been a Club member at Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club since 2015 . She is a senior and will graduate in June 2019. Ardavia plans on attending Spelman College in Atlanta to study Law.

“Because of my determination and hard work in the Club, I was chosen to represent the Boys & Girls Club at STRIVE Sports Camp in the summer of 2018. Not only did this camp strengthen my basketball skills, it strengthened my mental state. The positive energy and encouragement that this camp gave me made me really think about how I can take what I’ve learned and attribute it to my sports teams, my Boys & Girls Club, and everyday life. I was surprised to receive the Bill Bradley Award for my consistent demonstration of leadership and embodiment of the core Sports Challenge values. After the program was completed, the directors of STRIVE wanted me to be a part of the team even more, and I was given the opportunity to become a counselor at Tyler’s Camp. There I was an asset to the team and a model for the kids with my positive energy and big smile. I would not have been a part of something so amazing if it was not for my connection with the Club. They have given my so many opportunities and experiences that have changed my life for the better.

See Ardavia compete for the 2019 Delaware Youth of the Year title on April 11.

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