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Image Courtesy Of Kelli Wilke Photography

The Club kids at the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club had a special surprise this year for their Junior Youth of the Year program. Two noted photographers from the Wilmington area, Kirstie Donohue and Kelli Wilke, donated their time and services to photograph Club kids in preparation for their big event and on the evening of the event. “It’s not everyday that a professional photographer knocks on our doors”, said Micheal Crumble, Executive Director of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club. “The fact that we had two professionals want to participate in this program by donating their services and expertise, just demonstrates to our kids what Youth of the Year is all about – citizenship and leadership.”

Distinct from the National Youth of the Year program, Junior Youth of the Year seeks to develop junior leaders ages 10-13 within the Club environment. The program fosters Club members’ emerging leadership abilities while preparing them for later participation in the Youth of the Year program. In addition to recognizing the leadership achievements of Club youth, Junior Youth of the Year also cultivates their leadership potential, providing the foundation they need for advanced leadership development, academic excellence and post-secondary success. Through this program, Club youth become motivated to seek opportunities for leadership and to act as responsible citizens and change agents.

Thanks to the community who once again demonstrated that the kids from Northeast Wilmington are worth it, these Club kids had a memorable 2019 Junior Youth of the Year experience and they all came out winners!

Thank You Kelli Wilke Photography for capturing the magic of the 2019 Junior Youth of the Year program, it is community partners like you that allow 100% of funds raised and Youth Development Professional’s efforts to remain focused on what matters the most – our Club kids.


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