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Employee Feature: Stu Sherman

In February of 1994, Stuart Sherman started his job as the Athletic Director of the newly opened Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club. “I don’t think any of us were prepared for opening day. We had nearly 500 kids clambering to get it. It was clear the community was excited for us to be there” he recalls. Nearly thirty years later, Stu’s passion for youth and commitment to Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware remains steadfast.

Growing up in Lanham, Maryland, Stu recalls attending high school with kids from all walks of life. “I saw a lot of classmates that struggled. That’s when I realized that I wanted to make a difference” he says. Since starting at the Greater Newark Club, Stu has held a number of roles with the organization and established numerous programs and relationships over the years to benefit Delaware’s youth. From Gaga Ball to Birthday Parties to WOWZERS!, his excitement and commitment to our Club kids has made all the difference.

“I'm so proud to have helped tens of thousands of kids. I've been here so long, that now I'm helping the kids of my kids. While it does make me feel old, I love it every time one of my Club kids (now adults) introduces their kids to me and tells me how much The Club meant to them.” Says Stu.

When asked why he loves working for Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, he speaks to the impact he’s seen in our Club kids. “Many of our Club kids don’t struggle with ability, they struggle with access. Our work has been able to help bridge that gap, especially with the growing digital divide.” Always one to think outside the box, Stu has been nicknamed “The Idea Guy”, and says there is no better feeling than watching youth enjoy a program created specifically for them. “Being able to watch them have fun while obtaining things like prevention skills is what it’s all about”.

Staff like Stu are vital to our mission. They serve as mentors, teachers, coaches and leaders to our Club kids every single day. Their commitment ensures that our youth are prepared for Great Futures Ahead.


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