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Club Kid Feature: Luke D.

Luke D. has been attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware at Cooke Elementary since kindergarten. Now in fifth grade, he has big dreams of becoming a movie editor. “I think that would be pretty cool” he says. When asked about his favorite subject, he’s quick to talk about his love of math, which he finds both fun and challenging. Luke is a smart and engaging kid who loves spending time at the Club and seeing his friends Hunter and Nolan.

“My favorite thing is five o’clock activities” says Luke. “They’re activities based on the theme of the week like fire safety where we do projects”. These five o’clock activities engage youth after they’ve had snack and had time to play their favorite games, including Gaga Ball. Luke loves Club activities, particularly when he participated in Lego League. “It was a really fun time” he remembers.

While Luke has many friends at the Club, his favorite person there happens to be his brother, Bradley. Bradley has been working at the Cooke Elementary site for the past two years as a Jr. Youth Development Professional. Now a senior in high school, he enjoys being able to see his younger brother everyday after school. “I like the environment and being able to watch the kids grow” says Bradley.

Our school sites offer accessible childcare option for parents. Luke’s mom, Kimberly de Jongh, M.Ed., attributes the convenience as one of the reasons she chose the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware. “After the first year, we stayed with the Boys & Girls Club because of the staff and the engaging activities. Luke loves the themes, playing with his friends, and having time to get his homework done” she says. “The staff work hard to ensure the kids are safe and having fun at the same time.

The mentors and programs offered at our more than 40 locations in Delaware work to help our youth realize their full potential. Luke is another great example of how extraordinary our youth can be, and we are very thankful to have him as part of our Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware family!


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