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21st Century Programming

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware boasts seven 21st Century Community Learning Centers across Delaware. Funded by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), these programs are designed to provide students with academic support, enrichment and school engagement. By partnering with this State program, our Clubs have the ability to further their impact and provide targeted learning and services. Through a variety of events, activities and teachings, staff work closely with students to:

1. Increase their grades in both Math and ELA

2. Connect our schools with our families

3. Help students become productive members of society

Our 21st Century programs are located at our Highlands, Shortlidge and Richey school sites in addition to our Seaford, Laurel, Dagsboro and Georgetown Clubs. These sites provide community dances and events such as Santa’s Workshop and Lights on After School to connect families with the program. The strong connection between families, the school and our Clubs ensures that our youth have the combined resources and support they need to succeed.

The centers are led by Boys & Girls Club staff with support from local teachers who help administer lessons and carry out programs. Together they bring in other members of the community including librarians, principals and police officers to help connect students and their families with other possible resources they may need. Lessons are focused around life skills such as cooking and learning to make healthy choices ensure that youth are equipped for what’s ahead.

“Seaford has the largest population of individuals experiencing homelessness in the state, with nearly one third of our Club kids having experienced homelessness” says Kelsey Stave, Director of the 21st Century program at our Western Sussex Club. “The program helps to fill the gaps and teach skills that they’ll need to be successful in life”.

Our Clubs work to ensure that all youth have the knowledge and skills they need to go on to do Great Things. Partnering with the 21st Century Learning Centers allows us to provide targeted programs and learnings to Club kids to help them reach their full potential.


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