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2023 Joseph Dulin Staff of the Year Award

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware is proud to present the 2022 Joseph Dulin Staff of the Year award to Sharon Gump, Regional School Site Director. Sharon has been with the organization for more than 15 years, during which time she has continuously demonstrated a strong dedication to our mission and to our youth.

In her nominations, Sharon was described as a consistent team player, trustworthy and reliable. As Regional School Site Director, Sharon has increased the number of school sites for the Southern region and strengthened district partnerships. Sharon demonstrates strong leadership and commitment to her team by filling staffing gaps, delivering materials and supplies, and maintaining their staff lounge. When it comes to individual staff, Sharon encourages them to grow personally and professionally, and is always on the lookout for leadership opportunities that would allow them to shine. When it comes to the Club, Sharon is a staunch advocate for Boys & Girls Club members and does whatever is necessary to enhance the safety and quality of our operations. Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware is grateful to have Sharon as a part of our team, and proud to present her with the 2022 Joseph Dulin Staff of the Year award.


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