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Helen Eliason

Helen exemplified a life of giving and wanting nothing in return. To support the causes and organizations she valued in her lifetime, Helen established endowed funds at the Delaware Community Foundation.

A beloved friend to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware and the Clarence Fraim Senior Center, Helen let us know some things needed to happen. In her kind, quietly persistent way, she initiated multiple projects and programs that continue to benefit young people of all ages today.

At the Clarence Fraim Club, Helen was the driving force in the creation of the Children’s Garden–designed to teach the value of land, how to grow flowers and food, and introduce healthy eating habits. She also championed the completion of greatly needed repairs to the indoor swimming pool, locker rooms, gym floor, and the construction of a safer, green parking lot with lighting, ADA access ramp, and rain garden.

The value Helen placed on children’s literacy was unprecedented. She understood that “learning how to read is the pathway to opportunity and success.” Helen was instrumental in developing reading programs for thousands of children at the Clubs and throughout the state.

Helen and her husband, Doug, believed the best way to help people was to teach them how to help themselves. She established scholarship programs for adults and leadership training programs for employees to continue their education, development, and training–empowering them to advance in the workforce and better serve others.

Helen’s legacy as a persuasive connector and true advocate for children, education, and horticulture will continue through the funds she established to support the activities at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware.

“My joy is to connect people who are willing to think and work together to improve all lives.”

Make a Difference like Helen.

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