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Barbara and Clinton Tymes

“It is important to expose young people to different experiences and ideas. One day, something will click that helps them find their place in life.”

Clinton Tymes became a member of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys Club at age 8. He attended the Club every day to play basketball and did so throughout his high school years. “My mother never worried about me because she knew I was at the Club,” Clinton remembers fondly.

Clinton credits the staff and leadership programs with teaching him lifelong skills and lessons that prepared him for success, especially respect for others. The only one in his family to attend college, Clinton also earned an MBA while attending Wilmington College at night. He went on to achieve professional success in the private sector before leading the Delaware Small Business Development Center Network, based at the University of Delaware.

“My wife, Barbara, and I are pleased to support the work of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club and the young people it serves by naming the Club as a beneficiary in our will. The Club had a tremendous impact on my life, and I want to help other children like me. We are giving thanks by giving back.”

Make a Difference like Barbara and Clinton

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