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Be Great Update on 2017 State Youth of the Year, Nikai M. of the Clarence Fraim Boys & Girls Club.

Nikai is spending his first semester of freshman year studying Communications at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy through the University of Delaware World Scholars Program. Although the work is hard, experiencing new places, peoples and ideas have far outweighed the workload! Nikai has visited the Colosseum, the Pantheon and Paris, France, and has a trip to Tuscany planned through University of Delaware where he will be learning how to make cheese. Nikai will be abroad until December, where he will return to Newark and the UD campus. He’s loving the experience of being an international student, but he also looks forward to coming home for the holidays and seeing his friends and family at the Club.

Way to BE GREAT Nikai, you make your home Club and the entire Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware proud!

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