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Written by Kaitlyn FerryPosted on The Odyssey Online Image Courtesy Of The Odyssey Online

What The Boys & Girls Club Has Done For Me

The Boys & Girls Club has made a huge impact on my life. Before the Boys & Girls Club I came from a place where I felt unwelcome, unwanted and unloved. My experience before coming to the Club made a negative impact on my life. I played basketball with another team. I was always upset, I felt like every time I walked in I had everyone’s eyes laid on me, and I felt like people instantly judged me before they even knew me. I wanted a change, fast. I do not like quitting. I finished up the year that I had with my previous organization, that was my freshman year of high school. I thought “is this how it is going to be for the next four years?” and “Am I always going to feel this way?” I knew that something needed to change for me to be happy again.

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