Three Important Things to Consider when Looking at Your Childcare Options


Finding the best childcare facility for your needs can be an overwhelming process. Kids deserve a place where they can learn and have fun while providing you with peace of mind. To help, we’ve created the top three things to consider when looking for the right program for your child!



Children learn best in environments where they feel safe and secure. Finding systems like Delaware Stars helps to identify facilities that provide high quality care. Third party rating systems allow you to compare programs while ensuring that their safety measures are up to date. The higher the rating, the more difficult to obtain, allowing you to identify the best locations in your area. A childcare facility should also be clear on the precautionary measures they are taking to prevent COVID-19. Programs that are clear about rules and expectations to prevent the spread are likely to be more effective in doing so. A child’s safety is the number one priority, and a key factor in finding the right program for you. Knowing your child is safe will give you the peace of mind you need, while allowing your child to have the fun they deserve!



The adults that your child interacts with every single day have the opportunity to help them grow and realize their full potential. Finding staff that are not only professional, but are also caring and have a mentor mindset can make all the difference in a child’s life. Great staff go out of their way to support a child’s emotional growth and to support their needs. A considerable amount of experience, training and dedication help to cultivate caring staff who can mentor your child. According to the U.S. website for youth, kids who have mentors grow up with enhanced self-esteem and confidence, and have improved interpersonal skills. The staff who take care of you child are far more than a friendly face, and it is important to consider this when choosing the right program.



A great childcare facility will do more than simply provide homework help, they’ll offer quality programming to support the development of a child’s mind, character and health. Programs like Girls on the Run, BookNookand Zearn help children grow the foundational skills they need to be successful. Not only does quality programming help a child to grow, it engages them in fun and interactive ways. While schools teach children important skills like math and reading, they are not able to help grow all areas of a child’s development. Facilities that offer additional programming help to fill the gap, allowing your child to grow to their full potential.


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