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Written by Amber Hickman

On Wednesday, March 13, 2019 in a room at Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club filled with Club kids, Club staff, board members and volunteers, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware and Wilmington University made a dream of college a reality for one Club employee! Longtime Greater Newark employee Amber Hickman stated, “I think this was my top Club moment of all time!

Charnaè Lusby, a long time Club kid, Lady Shark and current Child Care Counselor with the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club was awarded a FULL- FOUR year Scholarship to Wilmington University. “She is my right and sometimes my left hand. She is there whenever any of us need here, she takes initiative to implement and run programs and goes above and beyond her job description. We LOVE her!” Hickman went on to say.

Charnaè like many people has encountered roadblocks in life that had prevented her from attending college. “Once you’re a Club kid, you’re always a Club kid and when you’re a Club kid (big or small) we got your back!” said Stu Sherman, Executive Director, Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club. Charnaè never gave up on her dream of college and her Club never gave up on her. The result… A full, four year scholarship awarded by longtime community partner Wilmington University.

Special thanks to Stu Sherman, Dawn O’Neill and President & CEO John Wellons, for seeing a need and filling a void. Thank you Desiree “HerownSpeed” Brady-Spence for pulling it all together for Charnaè and a HUGE thank you to Dana Santoro and her team at Wilmington University who celebrated Charnaè with us by presenting her with the Scholarship Award. As Charnaè said, “this is a life changing moment“. We know she’ll make her Boys & Girls Club family proud in the college classroom, just like she does at the Club.

Set your calendar for our graduation party in 2023!

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