Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Gets a Boost From Local Marketing Agency to “Tapp” into it’s Potential

Image Courtesy Of TAPP NETWORK Written by Chris Hickey  Posted on HUFFPOST

Delaware Marketing Agency Enables Nonprofits and Startups to “Tapp” into their Potential


Delaware Governor John Carney recently signed an innovation and entrepreneurship bill in hopes of renovating the state’s economic development strategy. Two Delaware entrepreneurs, Joseph DiGiovanni and Kyle Barkins, are doing just that through the creation of their own marketing agency, TAPP Network. With a diverse team of creatives with backgrounds at Silicon Valley tech companies, Madison Avenue agencies, and Fortune 100 companies, Tapp assists its clients with fully integrated marketing strategies. Tapp’s interesting point of differentiation is their commitment to supporting nonprofit, startup, and healthcare clients. “We work with a select group of nonprofits and startup organizations that share our mission-driven approach to success with a positive purpose and passion to succeed,” shared DiGiovanni. This approach allows the eclectic team to provide small to mid-size nonprofits with cost effective marketing solutions.

Following Governor Carney’s call for entrepreneurs to drive economic growth, the Delaware based startup agency loves that their work is “helping organizations make a lasting impact,” said co-founder DiGiovanni. Tapp achieves this for its clients and the community with its blog and monthly workshops. Through an informative blog and monthly #TAPPSocial workshop series, Tapp explains the best tools and tips for nonprofits and mission-driven organizations to improve digital marketing efforts. #TAPPSocial events occur on the third Tuesday of every month. August featured a discussion about social media marketing for nonprofits. On September 19 and October 17, learn about online event marketing for nonprofits and grant writing to support your nonprofit’s digital marketing and technology, respectively.

In just a few short years, Tapp is already fulfilling its mission and providing nonprofits with the marketing resources to make a lasting impact. Clients such as AARP have leveraged celebrity health experts, including Dr. Janet Taylor of the Today Show and Oprah, with Tapp’s counsel to deliver strategy, content, and social media support. Tapp helped the Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware launch its social media platforms, which led to integrating a customer relationship management system to over fifty statewide Clubs. With Tapp’s expertise, the Boys & Girls Club has increased its traffic by 400%.

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