What do the Philadelphia Eagles and the Smyrna Eagles have in Common?

More than just a mascot!

Congratulations to our STARS in Smyrna, who battled right to the end in retaining their Delaware STARS Level 5 rating.  Delaware Stars promotes high quality early learning for young children and sets the Stars quality rating that guides families seeking the best program for their child. Delaware Stars for Early Success is Delaware’s Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS) administered by the Delaware Department of Education.  The goal of Delaware Stars is to invest in participating programs to increase access to high quality care for all of Delaware’s children, especially those from low-income families.

Programs that join Delaware Stars are committed to program quality and providing the best early learning experiences for your young child.

Delaware Stars helps early learning programs shine in quality and helps programs that join Stars let families and the communities they serve know about their commitment to high quality early learning for young children. Through Stars, programs prepare young children for success in school and in life!

Programs can achieve up to 5 stars as they commit to, improve and maintain quality.

Special thanks to Yolanda Curtis, Bendu Collins, Erica Fulton, Dodylynne Tooley, Alexa Semonelle, and everyone on their team who persevered and contributed to this victory. And who could match Doug Pederson and his all-pro coaching staff?  Pat Scruggs, Cheryl Rice, Molly Yoo, and Trisha Moses!  Thank you for your tireless drive and support of this successful effort.

Thank you for making the Greater Smyrna-Clayton Boys & Girls Club “A Place to Become”.