BE GREAT STAFF UPDATE: October Customer Service Award Winner


Nominated both by a Club parent and a staff member, Corey Bennett was unanimously selected for October’s Customer Service award.  The parent was so impressed with Corey’s service to young people that she went out of her way to express her admiration, respect, and gratitude.  Below is what she wrote:


I did not have the opportunity of chaperoning with Corey this year, but did observe him at different moments throughout the day. The Club went to Funplex, an indoor/outdoor amusement park and water park.  Once again, I observed him enjoying the park with his group while also focusing on their safety and whereabouts.  Each time I passed Corey, his group was always in a single file line following behind him in a decent manner. This says a lot about the leader and the expectations he has for his group.

As a parent of an 8 yr. old, I know how easy it can be for them to wander off, and for the leader to lose sight of them in an instant, so this is not an easy task. In both experiences with Corey he handled his job with seriousness and also showed an enjoyment for what he does.  My son loved being in his group the past two years for Summer Fun Club and Club after school programming and was very disappointed that he was not in his group this year.

Corey is a great counselor and I can tell he enjoys the kids and what he does.  I just wanted to highlight this and send it in writing to you so that you were aware.  He deserves a pat on the back for a job well done!

Thank you and have a great day!

– Lawanda J., Club Parent


Please join Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware in congratulating Corey for his consistently outstanding service to our young people.