500 Hours of Computer Education

Written by Stu Sherman  

This past fall, Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club began the My.Future computer education program offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This program lets Boys & Girls Club members of all ages use our computer lab to play, learn and socialize with Club kids across the country. It’s a digital version of the stuff that makes the Club great.


Members can share the great things they’ve made and amplify their voices. Whether they’re making lyrics, videos or apps, they’ll be able to share the things they create and connect with their peers across the movement.


We’re proud to announce that in our first eight-week session, our kids completed over 125 projects! These projects cover computer skills (such as coding), but also include projects that involve on-line safety, self-image, cyber-bullying and financial literacy.


Our program was so successful, that Boys & Girls Clubs of America visited our Club to throw a party (another party) to celebrate the huge number of completed projects. Our next eight-week session begins the first week of February. We are looking for volunteers to help us. The commitment is one hour a week (between 4pm and 6pm) for eight weeks. Extensive computer knowledge is not required. The projects are “easy” to follow. Help us achieve our goal of 500 total hours of computer education for our kids by the end of the school year. If you are interested in volunteering, click here!