My.Future Week Comes to Delaware

Last month Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) came to Delaware to host an all day training for Youth Development Professionals at the Embassy Suites in Newark.  Staff from around the state participated in this interactive training program.  The group learned about the My.Future program and completed a binary coding activity where they had to come up with different things to represent 1’s and 0’s.  Trained staff get to take what they learned back to their respective Clubs and implement this platform in their own Clubs – engaging Club youth with technology, online safety and most of all fun!


My.Future provides members with a safe, fun digital platform to showcase their work and earn recognition in the form of stars, badges and master badges. It’s a space where kids can interact with each other – free from the prospect of cyber bullying – and share their accomplishments locally and nationally. It’s a great way to experience BGCA’s digital programming, make friends and build a positive self-image through online achievement.

  • Among 10- to 13-year-olds who use computers or the Internet:
    • 81% use them to do homework
    • 44% use them to write stories or blogs
    • 40% use them to connect with teachers
  • About half of young people have experienced some form of cyber bullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly (Cyberbullying Research Center)

Learning and Collaborating Online

Digital programming is now something that youth can engage in, in a self-directed way and also with support from Club staff. Using a combination of facilitated and self-led experiences, as well as digital gaming, like the Sky Money Matters and the Reach Game, young people can learn digital skills that will serve them well in school or the workforce. My.Future offers:

  • Digital recognition in the form of stars, which recognize the individual activities that young people do in Clubs; badges, which recognize clusters of activities; and master badges, which recognize when young people have completed significant programming in the form of a learning pathway.
  • Safe socialization, through likes and follows, support from other young people in a safe environment, and allowing youth to watch the media makers who matter to them most.
  • Project and media sharing to allow young people to break down walls and share media, both with one another, across the Movement, and with the entire world – all through Club-moderated means.
  • In-Club digital signage to promote what young people are doing, in a visible and recognizable way – essentially the digital version of the pegboards so common in Clubs.

Kids and teens get a much-needed jump on the school year at Clubs during the summer. Boys & Girls Clubs help close the gap on summer learning loss by enabling kids to take advantage of tools like My. Future. See the activities offered on My.Future and try them out at home.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware help young people develop leadership skills, a sense of civic duty and an understanding of the value of giving back to their community.