BE GREAT STAFF UPDATE: January 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Award

Give it up for Micheal Crumble, Executive Director of the H. Fletcher Brown Boys & Girls Club and the January 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Award Winner. The backstory actually begins with an unexpected Club tour that took place in late 2017. An unexpected visit from Wells Fargo employees to the Brown Club turned a customer service opportunity into a Club transformation.  Micheal and his staff truly rose to the occasion that day. Their spontaneous and genuinely warm reception and accommodation of  their visitors resulted twelve months later with the birth of the amazing Digital Arts Laboratory.  In turn, the Digital Arts Lab will generate numerous educational, creative, technological, and enjoyable opportunities for hundreds of Club and community members.


Club Directors give tours all the time; it’s part of their job.  The difference in giving a tour, making a lasting impression on two employees from Wells Fargo, and doggedly pursuing new, innovative opportunities in service to young people IS “Excellence in Customer Service”.  Micheal and his staff provided an in-depth look into the rich history of the Brown Club, as well as their community, the needs of their kids and families, all while conveying the importance the Club plays in the community.  However, this was not an anomaly; Micheal consistently applies this passionate, genuine approach in working with his staff, interacting with members and parents, and serving as an advocate for young people in the communities served by the Brown Club. So it’s not just the Digital Arts Lab. Micheal’s high standards of customer service are creating a vibrant and thriving Club community.


Way to Be Great Micheal!