Masquerade Ball, We Feel Your Impact

Written by Renee Hickman  

Do you ever wonder if the ticket you bought for a special event, or a silent auction purchase really makes a difference?  Well, stop wondering and start BELIEVING in the power and the value of your support of Sussex County’s premier fundraising event the Masquerade Ball.  March 9, 2019 will mark five years of Celebrating the Masquerade Ball and Unmasking a Child’s Future and Clubs across Sussex County are feeling the positive impact.


Below is testament to five years of this annual fundraising event, that on the surface is about fun, festivity, and celebration, when in fact it’s about saving and changing young lives.


“The funding we receive from the Masquerade Ball affords us the opportunity to take our children on trips during Summer Fun Club. We are able to expose our kids to opportunities and adventures they may not otherwise experience.   Our Club parents are always excited to see what trips we will be offering and utilize them as incentives for their children to help manage behavior at home.  (Our parents are so smart!)


At the Boys & Girls Club we know that enrichment goes beyond the classroom and we want our kids to experience meaningful and memorable opportunities, both inside and outside the Club walls.   The efforts that we place in providing them with academic achievement, character development, social and recreational activities, exposure to the arts, S.T.E.M. programming and access to technology is just as important as our commitment to allowing them to experience FUN.





Masquerade Ball funds also allow us to recognize our outstanding Club members through our Jr. Youth of the Year program.  To further engage our younger members, the Jr. Youth of the Year program fosters Club members’ emerging leadership abilities while preparing them for future participation in the State Youth of the Year program. Jr. Youth of the Year recognizes recent achievements while promoting leadership development, academic excellence and post secondary success. Club youth become motivated, inspired and enabled to act as responsible citizens and change agents.  Because of the funding received from the Masquerade Ball our Jr. Youth of the Year Finalists have received laptops and iPad’s to help support their studies at home.





The time and effort that each one of the attendees of the Masquerade Ball take to come and support our GREAT organization is much appreciated and essential for Clubs to be able to help the communities that we serve.”