Legendary Leadership Returns for a Second Year for Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Staff

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Legendary Leadership –  A Leadership Development Program

Legendary Leadership Returns for a Second Year for Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Staff

In 2016, the Legendary Leadership Program was created to in response to feedback received from the Employee Opinion Survey.  Employees expressed a desire to have more opportunities to grow and develop their careers.  As a result of these findings to better meet the needs of employees interested in strengthening their leadership skills, the Legendary Leadership program was developed.

Legendary Leadership is designed for staff currently serving in a leadership role or who aspire to do so.   A “blended learning” approach is used which includes video training offered by Lynda.com and an in classroom transfer of learning facilitated by Suzanne McCall, Vice President, Product Development and Sr. Consultant from the Pinnacle Group.

“Investing in our staff is a top priority.  We know that in order to develop tomorrow’s leaders, we must ourselves lead today.  Offering a learning opportunity like Legendary Leadership, is one of the many ways we invest in great futures, and I look forward to seeing the results in our Clubs, in our programming and ultimately in our kids” states CEO, George Krupanski.

Returning for a second year, Legendary Leadership was once again offered to staff statewide from January to April, with five 60 to 90 minute in-person courses and several hours of online training.  Participants developed skills in building accountability, delivering employee feedback, coaching and developing employees, motivating and engaging employees, and managing teams.


A brief recap of the learning sessions is below:

Building Accountability into Your Culture

Legendary Leaders model accountability to the rest of the organization to create trust and establish their own credibility. We know that when leaders and employees are accountable, this creates a culture of accountability, which becomes part of the organizations brand promise. In the online video course offered by Lynda.com, Executive Coach Mike Figliuolo reveals how to create a culture of accountability by developing accountability at the individual level, team level and brand level. The facilitated session will focus on how to apply true accountability in order to get better results and inspire highly productive actions in others.


Delivering Employee Feedback

Legendary Leaders are comfortable and skilled at giving both positive and negative feedback to employees. In this course you will learn how to create a culture driven by meaningful feedback, discover the characteristics of helpful feedback, understand different types of feedback, how to create structured conversations, and strategies to refocus difficult employee reactions. The facilitated session will focus on application of learning with opportunities to practice effective delivery of employee feedback.


Coaching and Developing Employees

In the video portion of this course, business coach Lisa Gates teaches managers to harness the power of coaching in the workplace. You will learn the benefits of developing your team and helping employees build their skills in ways that transform and empower them to do more productive and engaging work. You will also learn how to build your own leadership and coaching skills and equip yourself with tools that encourage insight and growth. The facilitated session will focus on a transfer of this learning by providing opportunities to test out best practices for planning and implementing coaching and development conversations.


Motivating and Engaging Employees

An estimated 70 percent of employees are “disengaged”. They are not satisfied or productive, and this costs the organization time and money. In the video course, Todd Dewett walks you through the steps to building high performing and engaged teams of motivated employees. You will learn three keys to engaging and retaining your team: strong relationships, a great work culture, and opportunities for employees to grow. The facilitated session will focus on expanding current beliefs and approaches to motivating and engaging employees.


Managing Teams

Legendary Leaders know how to cultivate positive relationships among coworkers. Join Todd Dewett as he explains how to effectively manage teams. The video training will cover: motivating your team, managing team performance, establishing your identity and authority within a group, addressing conflict, and making work fun. This will give you very practical and useful tips you can use with your own teams. The facilitated session will focus on how to efficiently apply your time and effort for greater rapport and results with your team.


The inaugural Legendary Leadership Program had 14 graduates who all had very positive experiences. “Lynda.com has been a personal and professional development tool for me.  While I’ve benefited from tutorials in the areas of business and management skills, I’ve also tapped into videos that have helped me navigate through everyday work and personal challenges; such as Dealing with Difficult People, Overcoming Negativity, Identifying what went Wrong, Thinking through an Idea, Creating a Team, and Building a Financial Future.  Through Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, we have access to unlimited learning from industry experts at our convenience for FREE”, said Resource Development Team Member, Sharon Biddle.


Congratulations to all who took the time from their busy day to focus on developing and improving their skills for the betterment of the organization and ultimately the kids we serve. Club youth deserve the very best we can offer. It is incumbent therefore upon all of us to continually learn and grow.


To learn more about career development opportunities, please contact your direct supervisor or the Human Resources Department.