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Wilmington, DE- A Press Conference held May 8th at the Clarence Fraim Boys & Girls Club in Wilmington, shined a spotlight on the Snell & Associates Consultants national violence prevention training, Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color.  This interactive violence prevention program brings young people and law enforcement together to addresses local and national increases in violence between young people and law enforcement.


City of Wilmington Mayor Michael Purzycki, Wilmington Chief of Police Robert J. Tracy and Cpl. Monet Cintron were on hand to speak to the value and necessity of the Just(ice) In Time Program.  Also on hand was Wilmington City Council President Hanifa Shabazz, Logan Herring, Executive Director of Kingswood Community Center, and other key Club and community stakeholders.


Mayor Purzycki spoke to the ability of the program to “reach into communities and say, you matter, you’re important and  you have value”.  Purzycki went on to state that “we have to work together, we must engage one another.  Everyone talks about how we need to love one another – and you can’t love somebody if you don’t know them”.




Newly appointed Chief of Police for the City of Wilmington, Robert Tracy spoke to the many strengths of the Clubs, noting Clubs are “safe havens, teaching life skills, and especially conflict resolution, which I believe is the key to reducing youth crime and youth being victims of crime”.  Chief Tracy went on to say, “the Just(ice) In Time program will be an integral part of continuing conversations that will help better educate young people encountering law enforcement under a variety of different circumstances”.



On May 11th and May 13th Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware will bring back to Delaware, Snell & Associates Consultants national violence prevention training, Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color. This training of young people, and adults who work with young people, addresses local and national increases in violence between young people and law enforcement.  This is the second year and the sixth training the Boys & Girls Clubs has implemented to address and lessen potentially escalating situations between young people and law enforcement, through active role play and open dialogue about real life experiences.


Just(ice) In Time© programs have been offered in Wilmington, Dover and Seaford, with attendance of more than 100 at each training.  Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware has partnered with local, county and state law enforcement for all programs, as well as United Way of Delaware, Christiana Care, Kingswood Community Center, Bethel AME and several school districts and area youth agencies.

On May 11th, the Boys & Girls Clubs and local law enforcement, will come together again in Dover for the Just(ice) In Time© Adult Training program. Looking to expand the number of adult trainers throughout the state for increased impact, the Boys & Girls Clubs, with their partners, will host a statewide training from 9am-3:00pm at the Greater Dover Boys & Girls Club, 1683 New Burton Road, Dover, 19904.  The cornerstone of the adult training is the development of the ‘Youth Street Team’, which is responsible for identifying and recruiting peer-to-peer training participants; creating a ripple effect in educating, understanding and community support.


On Saturday, May 13th, the Boys & Girls Clubs and local law enforcement will reconvene at the Greater Dover Boys & Girls Club from 9am-2pm for Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color .  As a result of participating:  Law enforcement will learn to recognize and better understand the social and cultural differences and perceptions both in and out of the communities they serve, which will assist them in bridging the so-called “community divide.”


Youth workers and community stakeholders will learn the potential impact, risk and liability associated with certain behavior and situations and how to apply and model effective behavior to influence positive change within their communities. All will learn and develop agreed upon, workable violence prevention solutions for implementation, to keep people and communities safer.


Announcing the motivation for the additional training’s, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware President John Wellons states “we need to continue to build upon the foundation we’ve already put into place to further prevent and lessen violence of our young people and the men and women who serve to protect us all.   We appreciate and applaud our statewide law enforcement who are again joining us in this effort to effect positive change, we know we can’t do this alone”.


Press Conferences are being held in both Wilmington (5/8/17) and Dover (5/9/17) with involvement from City, County and State Officials in support of this program and its overall impact.  Club staff and law enforcement know these trainings are only the beginning.  The ‘Call to Action’ from Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware is to communities across Delaware to support and welcome the efforts of the Youth Street Teams in partnership with their local law enforcement as they begin to take the trainings and knowledge back to their communities at the grassroots level.


“It is imperative community leaders like Boys & Girls Clubs and the police are seen as partners working towards developing, through dialog and a nonthreatening platform, agreed upon real community solutions for implementation as well as maintaining the focus and momentum the Just(ice) In Time© Training has created” said Mr. Isaac Snell, Jr. President of Snell & Associates Consultants.


For more information on Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color, contact Tyrone Perry, [email protected] or 302-655-4591.



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