Clubs head into 2018 with strong teen programs focused on race, law enforcement and peaceful resolutions

Image Courtesy Of Dean B. Yoo Written by Hilary LaMotte Burke  

Clubs around the state ended 2017 on a strong note with critical teen programming centered around young people and law enforcement. The Snell & Associates Consultants national violence prevention training, Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color Street Teams were out in full force in November and December.  This interactive violence prevention program brought young people and law enforcement together to addresses local and national increases in violence.

Special Recognition to Corporal Michael Coleman as he was Recognized by Kiwanis of Delaware as the “Officer of the Year”!  We are so proud of you, Officer Coleman!

Below is picture of Officer Coleman and the JIT© participants at the New Castle Boys & Girls Club after one of the JIT© trainings.


During February, Dog Tags Recognition Ceremonies were held across the state, where new teens who completed the program were appointed a “dog tag” to officially welcome them to Street Team status.  Special Appreciation and gratitude to the officers who attended the ceremonies. Also, to the staff and youth leadership for the commitment to the Just(ice) In Time© program.


Western Sussex, February 16th

Presenting Officers: John Ryall, Laurel PD

Youth Advisors: Marcus Prattis & Chris Horsey



Great Dover Club, March 16th

Youth Advisor: Paradise Hayle







Clarence Fraim Boys and Girls Club, February 23rd

Presenting Officers: Michael Coleman, Wilmington PD

Youth Advisors: Ciara Hooks, Ron Handy, Amanda Bottoms & Steve Brown

Thanks Greater Newark & Fletcher Brown attending the event.


Last year Just(ice) In Time© programs had attendance rates of 454 young people, parents, staff and community partners and 79 law enforcement.  Participants learned the potential impact, risk and liability associated with certain behavior and situations and how to apply and model effective behavior to influence positive change within their communities. All will learn and develop agreed upon, workable violence prevention solutions for implementation, to keep people and communities safer.  “It is imperative community leaders like Boys & Girls Clubs and the police are seen as partners working towards developing, through dialog and a nonthreatening platform, agreed upon real community solutions for implementation as well as maintaining the focus and momentum the Just(ice) In Time© Training has created” stated Isaac Snell, Jr. President of Snell & Associates Consultants.


For more information on Just(ice) In Time© Training Seminar For Teenagers & Young Adult Males Of Color, contact Tyrone Perry, [email protected] or 302-655-4591.