February 2019 Excellence in Customer Service Award Announced

About eight years ago the Clarence Fraim Boys & Girls Club started a small Adopt-a-Family program, in which staff members, family members, and other friends of the Club adopted some of the kids at Fraim for Christmas.  Over the years, this program has grown tremendously. Though a labor of love, it has created, of course, more demands on staff at a time of year that already is so demanding. However, for Loizaida Collazo, it has created an opportunity to help more children and families. Given her passion and drive for every child to have a great Christmas, that’s all that mattered. Never was that more clearly demonstrated than this past Christmastime when she, without hesitation, selflessly opened up her heart and “rolled up her sleeves” to ensure the program’s success. She did everything from getting families to complete their wish lists, to contacting and maintaining communication with donors, to last-minute shopping for gifts that were still needed, to scheduling pick-ups and drop-offs of gifts, to whatever else was needed to ensure the kids were taken care of. Loizaida did all of these things not in lieu of, but in addition to, her regular job responsibilities. In great part because of her efforts, the Fraim Club was able to “adopt” 47 families and 102 individual children this past Christmas. It was the program’s most successful year. That success would not have been possible without Loizaida’s commitment and tireless efforts on behalf of the children.


Thank you, Loizaida. We celebrate your wonderful helping and giving spirit.  Way to BE GREAT!!!