Dr. Suchi Hiraesave to present on panel discussing “Collective Impact: From Idea to Action” at D.A.N.A. Annual Conference

Image Courtesy Of Dean B. Yoo Written by Dr. Suchi Hiraesave  

Delaware Alliance for Nonprofit Advancement (DANA) will hold its Annual Conference on May 15, 2017 at the Chase Center at the Riverfront.  The theme of the conference is “Impact Delaware” – Identifying, Measuring, Performing, Aligning, Communicating and Tracking outcomes to achieve transformational change in Delaware.


Dr. Suchi Hiraesave, Executive Director, Grants Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, is a panelist on the workshop titled” Collective Impact: From Idea to Action” presented by United Way.


Research findings over the past eight years point us toward an integrated approach of tackling summer learning loss that typically produces loss in reading in 80% of children who are economically disadvantaged (Kim and White, 2006; Kim, 2013; Allington and McGill Franzen 2013; and White, 2011).  This research also indicates that these children are “experience poor” as a result and do not have the context to understand the world around them, even in the simplest things like the content knowledge developed through visiting libraries, book stores, local sites of interest—not to mention summer camps and vacations.
In Delaware, Community Based Organizations (CBO), educators and leaders have increasingly recognized the promise of summer to accelerate student learning. During this panel discussion United Way of Delaware will moderate engaging discussions with key community partners to reflect and share perspective on the realities of moving an idea to action leveraging the collective impact approach.


Dr. Hiraesave is the principal researcher for Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware in developing an Evidence Based Practice for Community Based Organizations in addressing summer loss of learning. This effort began in 2013 through collaboration between Reading Is Fundamental; Sallie Mae, Delaware State University; Policy Studies Associates; and United Way of Delaware.


Results of the pilot program implemented at eight selected Boys & Girls Clubs indicated improved reading scores and attitudes towards reading. In 2014, the program was launched at 42 Boys & Girls Clubs. Policy Studies Associates, Washington DC evaluated the statewide launch indicating improvement in reading and reading attitudes among participants. Based on these studies and the national RIF “Read for Success Model, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware developed a CBO Model which was successfully implemented across 22 sites during the summer of 2015.


More than 1,600 youth participated in the program during the summer of 2015. Reading Assessments were conducted at representative program sites across Delaware utilizing Dynamic Indicator of Basic Early Literacy Skills Reading (DIBELS). Pre- and Post- scores were recorded on Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) and Retell (comprehension). Results showed:

·         83% showed an improvement in oral reading fluency (ORF)

·         81% showed improvement in retell (Comprehension)


This program was replicated at seven high-need communities in the city of Wilmington, sponsored by United Way with assistance from Reading Is Fundamental and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Program results were equally impressive and indicated that 88% of the participants showed reading gains as measured by DIBELS.


Last summer 1,706 youth participated in Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware and 84% showed improvement tin oral reading fluency and 85% showed improvement in comprehension.


The program is gaining strength across the State of Delaware through effective collaborations. It is pertinent to say that Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware has been a leader in this effort of reducing summer learning loss among youth by developing data driven strategies and sharing knowledge with key partners who have a common agenda in addressing the summer learning loss.


To learn more about Reading is Fundamental please contact Suchi Hiraesave