2018 Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Staff of the Year Announced

Written by Hilary LaMotte Burke  

On Monday, February 18th Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware announced the 2018 Joseph H. Dulin Staff of the Year Award.  This distinguished honor is bestowed upon the employee that continually demonstrates their commitment to enhancing the lives of youth in Delaware.  The honor, named after Joseph H. Dulin former Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware, is presented annually to the staff member who has gone above and beyond and who embodies the attributes of Mr. Dulin.


The 2018 Staff of the Year is Stuart Sherman, Executive Director of the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club.







There are numerous reasons why this veteran Club Director emerged as our 2018 Staff of the Year. It begins with 25 years dedicated to every Club kid who walks through the doors of his Club.

Even his fundraising in 2018, reached beyond just keeping the doors open to making sure every Club member has a positive experience and gets the help he orshe needs. Proof that these aren’t just words are the 25 years of alumni who continue to return to the Club to explain how it impacted and saved their lives.

According to staff members at his Club, there isn’t too much they can ask for on behalf of the kids that he says “no” to. He has an amazing gift of figuring it out, finding a way. He isn’t just a talker; he gets it done.

Just one example that happened in 2018: He had a special staff meeting to talk about what area that Club could grow in.  Unanimously the staff chose computer education. Within months, we rolled out My.Future for all the kids in the Club. The program was so successful, it earned the attention of Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), which sent a team to provide additional training for all of our Clubs and hold an afternoon celebration at his Club.

According to one of the people, who nominated this person for Staff of the Year, “He has taught us that all of the satisfaction we need can be found on the kids’ faces when they are experiencing a program at our Club that they wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

While these attributes would accurately apply to every one of his 25 years with our organization, his accomplishments in 2018 were particularly impressive:

  • He moved quickly to take advantage of the new 76ers Arena to establish a Boys & Girls Club basketball league that is creating opportunities for several of our Clubs, as well as a Junior Sixers intramural program sponsored by the 76ers for Clubs throughout the state.


  • Having learned that some 70% or 80% of the kids in the Club had never had a birthday party, he went to work using that fact as a case for support in recruiting enough sponsors to put on an amazing birthday party every month with gifts and food and decorations and fresh themes and D.J.’s.
  • Expansion of the University of Delaware’s EntrePrep summer program provided even more opportunities for teens.


  • The development of a partnership with New Castle County Summer Youth Employment Program that resulted in 25 job opportunities for teens.
  • Development of a summer camp for 13-year-olds focusing on job skills development.
  • The successful launch of an innovative fundraising event, the Big Bounce, that attracted numerous sponsors, businesses, and volunteers.

Accompanying these and other creative initiatives, was his highly effective marketing and Club news coverage that helped create greater awareness of Boys & Girls Clubs programming in the state. Among these efforts was that Club’s outstanding Club newsletter distributed on a regular basis throughout the year.

There were a number of other efforts during the year, which were initiated or promoted by this individual, to assist Club members in need. From jobs to college assistance to financial support to other kinds of assistance, he led his staff in going the extra mile to help current and former Club members in need.

In great part because of his efforts, his Club took a statewide leadership role in attendance, membership, collaborations, sponsorships, and other categories.

How fitting is it that we so honor this individual just three days from his Club’s big 25th anniversary celebration, knowing he was there for every one of those 25 years leading the way.


At this point there’s no secret left as to whom I’ve been talking about, but that shouldn’t deter us from celebrating our 2018 Staff Member of the Year, Stuart Sherman.

Congratulations to Stu!!!


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