Swim for Life Fundraising Competition

Swim for Life Fundraising Competition

Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware is involved in  A Community Thrives Program, a friendly fundraising competition sponsored by USA Today, raising money for our SWIM FOR LIFE program.  Please help by giving what you can so Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware can win the grand prize of $25,000.

Every kid deserves a place.  A place to feel safe.  A place to feel connected. A place to belong.  A Place to become.  Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware provides such places—where kids can go after school and during the summer to grow beyond the classroom. Since the first doors opened in 1931, 44 Clubs have been established across the state. Clubs now serve 40,000 kids and teens annually by building deeply powerful relationships and opening avenues of opportunities.


Too many children, youth and adults in the state of Delaware cannot swim.  The potential for tragedy hit close to home during a Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware Summer Fun Club activity when a 7-year-old Club member almost lost his life while on a field trip to a municipal pool facility. Thankfully, alert Boys & Girls Club staff overcame a number of obstacles to save the boy’s life.


The near-tragedy was deeply moving to our Boys & Girls Club family, and from that experience, a vision for the Swim-for-Life program emerged. We realized it is not enough to identify non-swimmers and keep them in the shallowest area; we need to teach more children to swim.


Swim-for-Life’s primary objectives include reducing the number of children in Delaware who cannot swim; providing more children in Delaware with a valuable life-long skill; and building into the Boys & Girls Club’s year around positive youth development activities, a goal to ensure that as many youth members as possible, learn how to swim.


We need YOU to help us raise funds for the Swim for Life program.   Our primary commitment is to teach youth ages 3-18 non-swimmers to swim. The first step is in realizing this commitment is to identify non-swimmers. An estimated 2050 youth will go through the Boys & Girls Clubs swim test.  We will hold swim testing at one of the five Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware pool facilities in each of the three counties.


The Swim for Life project has the ability to promote community building throughout the state.  Preventing death from drowning; educated respect for water; and numerous health benefits will have a transformational impact on our communities, in addition to reducing the rate of drowning among minorities. The swimming pools offers our communities a structured, safe option to ensure that young people learn the valuable, life-saving skill of swimming.

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