College Awareness and Planning (CAP) Program

The CAP program helps students and parents navigate the college planning and completion process. Through this program students receive individualized help with deciding a college major and career, exploring colleges and universities, preparing for college admissions tests (SAT/ACT), writing essays for college applications, applying for financial aid, and scholarships. Parents receive help with completing financial aid forms. The program’s goal is to help students secure financial aid, help them overcome the inevitable challenges of attending, applying, and graduating from college. The CAP program provides the kind of individualized help that high school guidance counselors and others simply cannot.

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Tour the Program

You can tour the program through the Boys & Girls Clubs online platform, My Future

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“The Boys & Girls Club CAP program opened doors for me in ways that I would’ve never predicted. Every goal is achievable when you know there’s a community behind you that’s dedicated to seeing you succeed.” – Jhaney H.