20 FOUR 20 Champions

Twenty years ago, few if any social services were available for the youth in Western Sussex.  Visionary leaders in this community opened their hearts making it possible to open the doors of the Western Sussex Boys & Girls Club in Seaford.  The Club has grown greatly since its beginning to become the leading youth service organization for more than 2,000 youth in Western Sussex.


20 = Commemorating 20 years

FOUR = 4 weeks of activities/events

20 = $20,000 goal


What does it mean to be part of a Boys & Girls Club?   It means being surrounded by friends and mentors. Sharpening skills and discovering new pursuits. Feeling heard and supported in every way, and knowing that there’s a team of caring professionals and adults (Champions) in your court. Boys & Girls Clubs are not one of these things—they are all of these things, providing a safe space where kids and teens can spend time between school and home. In fact, this is something we’ve been excelling at for over 87 years; opening doors of opportunity and preparing young people for a great future.

As the leading youth development organization, we see the possibility in every young person and are committed to being a Champion for all youth in Delaware—no matter where they come from.  Real, lasting change takes collaboration, big ideas and bold action – our Champions embody all of these.


Meet our Champions.

Eric Cline
I am a Champion
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Daniel Hall
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Jeff Hlderbrand
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John Hollis
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Meet John
Sharon Kinzer
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Matt MacCoy
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Vicki Monahan
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Dustin Parker
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Rachel Parker
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Frank Parks
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Steve Rose
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Denny Russell
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Rich Walsh
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